We have received $208,258 in our first givealittle campaign, from generous supporters inspired by our vision of a peaceful New Zealand by 2025.
Now that it's clear that there is a burning desire for children to learn powerful conflict resolution skills we are moving into Phase Two, where we will reach a full $300,033 needed to take our transformative Peer Mediation programme to 160 New Zealand schools.
The end impact of this project is that 160 schools nationwide will enjoy and benefit from a 2 day training course in peaceful conflict resolution skills, focusing on peer mediation, and benefit from follow up support from the Peace Foundation office, as well as a wealth of resources including downloads and digital apps for ongoing support.
With this funding we will be able to:
•    build an expanded team of teacher trainers
•    form partnerships to achieve the vision even sooner
•    create the next generation of our online peer mediation tools and resources for schools, workplaces and kiwis in general!
•    Bring Secondary Schools Peace Symposia to more cities, not just Auckland (interest has so far been expressed to have them in Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin in 2017-2018)
New Zealand has the worst rate of family and intimate-partner violence in the world (NZ Herald, 13 May 2016). Yet we have our own NZ- developed peer mediation tools that really work. We want to bring these tools to every school and every community, to empower the younger generations to resolve conflict peacefully and positively.
We want for peer mediation to be standard training in schools. Based on research, this will mean education outcomes improve as students work more respectfully, more responsibly, and harder.
Peer mediation training also supports students to be leaders in creating a peaceful New Zealand. An Auckland mother recently told us about her son using the tools of peer mediation to intervene in a dispute between two mothers outside his school, helping them find a mutually-agreeable way forward. Imagine if every child learned these skills! So much of the violence and aggression prevalent in NZ would be ended.
$2000 will buy a laptop for a trainer so they can show videos at training workshops.
$10,000 will pay for creating a digital app used across primary schools
$10,000 will pay for a new interactive website.
$10,000 will pay for one year’s photocopying and printing costs for the materials children use in peer mediation training.
$20,000 will pay for a social media adviser to engage with our young audience.
$15,000 will help us design and write the plan to take peer mediation to every school in New Zealand.
$5000 keeps our car on the road for a year.
We are looking for donations upwards of $4.50 ( = a cup of coffee) but please pay whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps.
if you donate
$27 - you know you are making a big difference to peace in our schools, whanau, work places and communities.
$54 - your name gets mentioned on the Peace Foundation website, and you get one of the Peace Foundation's own Peace Dove lapel badges.
$108. All of the above, plus get free membership of The Peace Foundation for a year.
$254. All of the above, plus you get a Peace Foundation T-shirt.
$504. All of the above. Plus you get invited to our Summer Celebration Reception in Auckland late 2016.
$1008. All of the above, and we invite you to join our new Peace Foundation Advisory Council. Your donation covers half the cost of of a 2day peer mediation training to a school.
$2007. Your donation covers the costs of one 2day training to a school. We'd like to mention you to a school as the donor, and you get invited to a special Peace Reception in 2017 to mark 30 years of nuclear-free New Zealand.