The Peace Foundation has local and international interns and volunteers working all year round in the office . They give invaluable work to the Foundation in hours and commitment to the peace cause. It is an opportunity to share ideas, cultures and get to know an interesting and diverse range of people. Current interns with The Peace Foundation are:

Luc Guerin

Luc GuerinJoined 2018

Luc is from France and loves to travel. He studies English and International Trade and Law in Rennes. He is down-to-earth and passionate about making international affairs peaceful. His main project is research for our 2019 Youth Peace Week on “Peace and Technology.” In his paper he discusses how we can use technology in a good way to make a positive difference in the world.

Maike Hinze

Maike HinzeJoined 2018

Maike is from Germany and studied Social Work and Religious Education in Ludwigsburg. She loves listening to music and going for a nice walk. Maike is enthusiastic about working at The Peace Foundation because it is contributing to her dream: a world where people are empathetic and peaceful with each other. She also thinks that it is important to inspire and be inspired by children and youth.

Nynke Hospes

Nynke HospesJoined 2018

Nynke is from The Netherlands and is studying Cultural and Social Sciences in Utrecht. She loves making art and illustrations and is helping The Peace Foundation a great deal in updating their resources. Nynke is passionate about yellow and brings sunshine to the office. She believes that empathy is key in creating a more beautiful world and that peace will rise up and bring happiness to every individual.